to do


Revisit reel_smacc_client and get compiling and running

Update the Navigation Client Behaviors to use Async Client Behaviors base class.

Move things from demos to client library… Like AddCollisionBox

Begin move to ROS2

Rewriting sm_fetch_two_table_pick_n_place

Backward Local Planner not reaching it’s goal problem in the Wine pouring example. – Inside backward_curved_local_planner.cpp

Add ability to set the signal_detector_loop_freq from the state machine config folder. Maybe inside another folder like… sm/config/sm_performance

Documentation Pass

  • Documentation Pass for MGIZ and MoveBase. Code comments should be written for Client Developers to replicate in their own projects.
  • Documentation Template for MGIZ Client Behaviors Readme – Brett
  • Documentation Pass for MGIZ Client Behaviors Readme – Pablo
  • Tutorial Video + Page – How to write a reusable superstate (see sm_dance_bot vs respira_1?) – Pablo
  • Tutorial Code + Page – How to write a fallback superstate

CbTrajectories Example

  • Two UR5 Arms
  • Schunk End Effectors, if they are available.
  • Scene is ideally industrial (Taped off floor).

Need to make cb_pouring_motion variable relative instead of absolute.


Let’s add camera to sm_dance_bot & sm_dance_bot_strikes_back – Do Last

SMACC Viewer

Need to add to shell script, functionality that adds commit number to the version #

MoveIt Client

Stages = client behaviors, Solvers = client components



Look at