Node Mechanics

Node name is now passed to the constructor wheras before it was passed to global. This was the source of the nodelet shenanigans in ROS 1.0 regarding multiple nodes in a single process.

But regarding the larger issue of ROS 2.0 and thread mechanics, given the relatively straight forward threading model we are pursuing, I THINK WE’LL BE FINE

One potential issue is that ROS 2.0 really like shared_ptr, but boost/statechart uses intrusive_ptr.

Message API/Quality/DDS

A good development that doesn’t particularly affect the need for a state machine.

Dynamic Reconfigure will likely be replaced using DDS.

Bringing simple Servers inside SMACC

To take advantage of ROS2 features related to nodes/nodelets, our first use case should be bringing ROS 1 Client Servers that are relatively simple (like a temperature sensor), inside of SMACC.